Rubbish and recycling

Havant Borough Council operates an alternate weekly kerbside rubbish and recycling collection service from wheeled bins.

This means that rubbish is collected one week and then recycling is collected the next week.

Residents will be provided with a standard 240 litre capacity wheeled bin which holds approximately 4/5 full domestic sacks of rubbish.

Your first bin is provided by the council for free but if the bin is lost or stolen then a charge will be made to replace the bin.

What happens to my rubbish and recycling?


Most of the non-recyclable waste that is collected is taken to the Energy Recovery Facility in Portsmouth. 

This facility safely incinerates the waste and uses the heat from this process to create steam, in turn generating electricity which is fed to the National Grid.


All of the recyclable materials that is collected (cans, plastic bottles, paper, card, tins and empty aerosols) is taken to the Materials Recovery Facility in Portsmouth. 

The materials are separated using a combination of manual and automatic processes, including magnets, conveyor belts and lasers, before being baled up and sent to private companies for recycling into new products. You can learn more about this with Hampshire recycles.

Why can't I recycle plastic packaging?

Plastic pots, tubs and trays are made up of a wider variety of polymers. This range of polymers cannot be successfully sorted in our Material Recovery Facilities without investing significantly in new equipment, which at this stage would be prohibitively expensive.