Keeping your bins clean and maggot-free may not be your favourite job, but it is important and so we have collated some information to help.

Maggots are fly larvae, usually of the common housefly and also the bluebottle. Flies are attracted to food waste and other rubbish, if they lay eggs on your rubbish the eggs will later hatch in to maggots. You will only have a problem with maggots in your bin if flies can get to your waste.

Maggots may be unpleasant but there is no evidence to suggest they cause health problems.

How do I reduce the risk of maggots getting into my bin?

  • Make sure not to leave any food, including pet food, uncovered.
  • Double bag all food waste securely in tied plastic bags. Meat carcasses, fish remains and other putrescible waste can be wrapped in newspaper before placing in the bin.
  • Squeeze all air out of your rubbish bags before placing them in your bin. This will slow down the general decomposition of the waste.
  • If possible store your bins in a shaded area out of direct sunlight, especially during the warm summer months.
  • Ensure your wheeled bin lid is always closed.
  • Flies can also be attracted to recycling materials that are not clean, so always wash out food tins, bottles and jars.

What can I do if I get maggots in my bin?

  • Clean out your bin regularly with disinfectant or bleach and plenty of water. Try using a cleaning product with a fragrance to deter flies from your bin.  You can either clean the bin yourself or contact a professional bin cleaning company.
  • Maggots and fly eggs can be killed by pouring over boiling water with a small amount of bleach.

If you are having problems with excess waste and there are six or more permanent residents at your property, or you have qualifying medical reasons, we may be able to authorise an additional 140 litre refuse bin.

Our partners, Norse South East, will visit your property and carry out an assessment for the additional bin. If approved you will need to purchase the second bin by calling Customer Services on 023 9244 6010.