Bin collections

Coronavirus update

We are currently working as hard as we can to keep your waste and recycling collections running as scheduled.

Our website and social media pages are being updated regularly, so please keep an eye out for service updates in your area. If you have any queries, please visit our coronavirus FAQs

Our service

Havant Borough Council operates an alternate weekly kerbside recycling and refuse collection service from wheeled bins.

This means that ordinary refuse is collected one week and then recycling is collected the next week.

Householders must have their bins out ready for collection by 7am on their scheduled day for crews to collect.

Your bin collection day and collection calendar is available to download from our Where I Live pages under 'rubbish and Recycling'.

Missed bins during the coronavirus outbreak

Our teams are working extremely hard to ensure we empty your bin - but please bear with us as we are working in a difficult situation.

If your bin has been missed, please report this to us by completing our contact us form.

What to do with your bin?

On your collection day, you should place your wheeled bin at the boundary of your property adjacent to the road.

Your bin must be out by 7am on the day of collection (or the night before), and returned onto your property as soon as possible.

Please leave your bin out all day as the crews may be running later than usual.

If your bin is not collected please leave it out, where it will not cause an obstruction, and our teams will collect as soon as they can. This may not be until your next scheduled collection day.

We will collect excess recycling which can be left in clear plastic sacks or a cardboard box next to your bin.

If your rubbish collection is missed, we will collect any extra rubbish which can also be left in sacks next to your bin. Please ensure excess recycling is clean and dry.

For people suffering with symptoms associated with coronavirus or self-isolating at home, please follow Public Health England guidelines regarding the disposal of waste.

Assisted collections

For those of you who are unable to take the bin to the edge of your property you can request an assisted collection.

This is where the rubbish and recycling crews will collect wheeled bins from an agreed location. 

To organise assisted collections, please use our contact us form.

Excess rubbish

Any excess rubbish left alongside the bin or on top will not be collected and will have to wait until the next scheduled rubbish collection.

If you have a larger family living permanently at the property, then you may be eligible for an additional bin.