Since going to print with the Christmas edition of 'Your Borough' magazine, posted through your letterbox, we have unfortunately discovered there is a print error with the 2024 bin collection calendars.  The calendars are correct for both North and South of the borough, until 31 March 2024.  We can only apologise for any confusion this may cause. We have corrected the online versions and you can also download the updated version here.   

Download your rubbish and recycling calendar for 2024

We operate an alternate weekly kerbside recycling and rubbish collection service from wheeled bins. This means that rubbish is collected one week and recycling the next.

You can find your bin collection day by checking your online calendar. Please enter your postcode and your calendar will be displayed under 'waste and recycling'.

We also operate a fortnightly garden waste collection service.

Please ensure your bin is out, lid flat and closed, ready for collection by 7am on your day of collection.

My bin wasn’t collected, what do I do now?

If your bin (rubbish, recycling) has not been collected, please check to see if your neighbour's bin has been. If their bin has also not been collected, please leave yours out and crews will return to complete these collections the following day.

If your neighbour's bin has been collected but yours hasn't, please report this to us using our contact us form or call 023 9244 6019. Please note, this must be done by 4pm on the next working day after your scheduled collection.

If your bin is not collected on the revised collection day, please ensure you use our contact us form or call 023 9244 6019 within 24 hours. If the entire street was missed, your revised collection day will be the next working day. If it is an individual missed bin, the crew will return within 48 hours.

If you do not report a missed collection to us within the above timeframes, you will have to wait until your next scheduled collection.

Please note, if your bin has been tagged as being too heavy or contaminated we will not return. Also, if your bin is not placed on the boundary of your property, it will not be collected and we will not return.

I forgot to leave my bin out, what to do I do now?

You can book an appointment at your local household waste and recycling centre to dispose of your waste.

The crew will not return until your next scheduled collection date.

What do I do with excess rubbish?

Any excess rubbish left alongside the bin or on top will not be collected and will have to wait until the next scheduled rubbish collection.

In the meantime, you could book an appointment at your local household waste and recycling centre to dispose of your waste.

If you have a larger family living permanently at the property, then you may be eligible for an additional bin.

What do I do with excess recycling?

We will collect excess recycling which can be left in clear plastic sacks or a cardboard box next to your bin. Please ensure excess recycling is clean and dry.

What is an assisted bin collection?

This service is granted to households that need help moving their bins; putting them out and taking them back in after they are emptied. Each application is individually assessed.

How do I get an assisted bin collection?

You can request this service either by using our contact us form or call 023 9244 6019.

Why does Havant Borough Council review its assisted bin collection service?

We carry out reviews every two years as circumstances do change and not everyone requires this additional service to continue on a long-term basis.

My household’s circumstances have changed - what happens if we no longer meet the assisted bin collection criteria following a review?

We will reassess your circumstances and let you know if you still meet the criteria for the service or not. If you don’t, then we will make arrangements to stop the service for your household. Your bin should be placed at the edge of your property by 7am on your collection day. If, however, you still feel you need an assisted bin collection and can supply further information to support your application, then we will be happy to review our decision. Please contact the customer services team on 023 9244 6019.

I have moved - how do I tell you my new address?

You can let us know either by using our contact us form or call 023 9244 6019.

I don’t need the service anymore, what do I do?

If you no longer wish to receive this service, please let us know. You can let us know either by using our contact us form or call 023 9244 6019.

Who collects your bins?

Our environmental services (waste, recycling, street cleaning, public conveniences and grounds maintenance) are delivered by Norse South East.

Where does my waste go?

Most of the non-recyclable waste collected from homes in Hampshire is taken to one of three Energy Recovery Facilities located in Marchwood, Chineham and Portsmouth. Find out more about where your waste goes.