Please note that due to the ongoing impact of coronavirus, we are operating a limited service. This means we are having to prioritise cases where there is a significant risk to human health. Our priorities include public welfare burials, drainage issues and a limited number of nuisance cases.

All other cases are being prioritised accordingly. Depending on the priority established, this may mean a delay before an officer is able to make contact to discuss your case with you.

A safe environment

Environmental health provides a wide range of services aimed at protecting residents, visitors and the environment. We all want to live and work in an environment that is safe, pleasant and attractive.

While it is important for people to enjoy themselves, it is also important that safeguards are in place to ensure our communities are peaceful, our workplaces are safe and the services that we buy are properly run.

This includes areas such as food safety, noise pollution and pest control.

Consider your neighbours

To protect the health and wellbeing of everyone during the coronavirus outbreak, we are requesting that residents refrain from lighting bonfires and doing noisy activities such as DIY work or listening to loud music.

Many residents who would normally be out at work or school are now confined to their homes.

Smoke could deny your neighbours from enjoying their garden and have a serious impact on their health, especially where they are self-isolating due to medical conditions such as asthma or heart disease.

Getting in touch

You should only contact the council after you have tried all reasonable efforts to resolve the issue with the person or organisation responsible first.

A polite explanation why the issue is causing a problem and request to remove it is generally effective.

To see if our team can help you, please complete our online contact us form or call 023 9244 6016.