Environmental health

Environmental Health provides a wide range of services aimed at protecting residents, visitors and the environment. We all want to live and work in an environment that is safe, pleasant and attractive.

While it is important for people to enjoy themselves, it is also important that safeguards are in place to ensure our communities are peaceful, our work places safe and the services that we buy are properly run. This includes areas such as, food safety, noise pollution and pest control.

We have teams who are responsible for different areas of environmental health, a rough breakdown of this is below.

The main duties of the Commercial Team include:

  • Dealing with complaints and enquiries about health and safety issues
  • Health and safety enforcement where breaches of the Regulations are found
  • Investigating accidents at work.

The main duties of the Environmental Health Team include:

  • Carrying out regular food hygiene inspections
  • Investigating nuisance complaints
  • Dealing with pest control matters.

You should only contact the council after you have tried all reasonable efforts to resolve the issue with the person or organisation responsible first.

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