Sometimes, in granting planning permission for development, the council, or Secretary of State on appeal, may have imposed conditions which control how trees or hedges are to be treated.

When granting planning permission for buildings on land where trees are to be retained, we would normally impose conditions on the planning permission requiring those trees to be properly protected throughout the building process.

Tree Preservation Order or Conservation Area trees, which need to be cut back to allow the construction of buildings which have been granted planning permission, can be cut back without the need for a further application, but only if it is absolutely necessary.

Trees that have to be felled to enable authorised building work to start, can also be felled without such an application. Such exemptions do not extend to the erection of other minor buildings not requiring planning permission from the council.

If you are in any doubt about this do not hesitate to telephone us for advice on (023) 9244 6015.

Additionally some hedgerows are protected under the hedgerow regulations, you can check this by speaking to a Duty Officer on 023 9244 6015.

Permitted development and trees

Sometimes Planning Permission is not needed for a development, this is called ‘Permitted Development’.

If such a development is close to a protected tree you must also think about whether it will be affected by the work. If the answer is yes then you must make a planning application for tree works. This includes any digging near to the roots. Tree roots stretch out at least as far as the tree's canopy and need to be taken into account.