A Local Plan forms the starting point in every planning decision. The plan sets out the vision for future development in the borough, identifies what areas should be developed, and what requirements and standards developers should meet in their proposals.

Every area in England and Wales should have an up-to-date Local Plan in place and review it at least every five years. We are preparing a new Local Plan, ‘The Building a Better Future Plan’ for Havant which will set out how the borough should be developed into the future.

The Building a Better Future Plan will be the new Local Plan for Havant Borough. The Local Plan will address the needs and opportunities for development in the Borough, and set out how much, what type and where development will take place.

‘Regulation 18’ Consultation and Call for Sites 2022

The Council consulted on the ‘Regulation 18’ draft of a new Local Plan in 2022. This consultation focussed on the key issues the new local land will need to address and options for dealing with those.

The full Building a Better Future document on which the consultation was based can be found at the link below.

The Building a Better Future Plan Leaflet can be found below.

The panels presented at the exhibitions can be found below:

Call for Sites - Submit a Potential Site

In 2022, the Council publicised a call for sites when landowners, developers, agents and other stakeholders with interests in the area were asked to put forward sites which could be potentially suitable for development and environmental mitigation.

Like most authorities, Havant Borough Council suggested a time period within which sites should be promoted. However, limited land availability in Havant Borough means that in practice the 'Call for Sites' never closes and interested parties are encouraged to submit potential sites for consideration through the Local Plan process at any time.

If you have already submitted a Call for Sites submission in 2022, you do not need to do so again. Please use the relevant response form/s below and email to: planning.design@havant.gov.uk

Building a Better Future Plan Consultation Report

The report on the responses we received is below:

Report to Planning Policy Committee

Building a Better Future Plan Consultation Report

Building a Better Future Plan Consultation Report - Sites Appendix

Please note! The maps contained in the Sites Appendix were submitted by land owners and developers through the Council’s ‘Call for Sites’ which took place alongside the Building a Better Future Plan consultation. The submission of a site through this process does not infer that it will be allocated in the Council’s Building a Better Future Plan and has only been submitted at this stage for further assessment and screening.

Next Steps

We are now working on the next consultation draft (Regulation 19) of the Local Plan, which will take into account consultation responses and a suite of evidence studies that are currently being undertaken.