The adopted local plan is made up of the following documents.

The Core Strategy (2011)

The Core Strategy sets out the strategic direction and broad distribution of development for the Borough, including strategic sites and areas for development and protection. It also contains some Development Management policies.

The Core Strategy is the first of two parts of the adopted Local Plan and was adopted by Havant Borough Council on 1 March 2011.

The Allocations Plan (2014)

The Allocations Plan is the second part of the Local Plan, adopted on 23 July 2014.

It identifies sites for specific uses including housing, employment, retail, recreation and green infrastructure up to 2026. It also contains some detailed Development Management policies.

Policies Map

The spatial elements of the Local Plan are shown on the Policies Map.

PLEASE NOTE:  The PDFs below show the polices adopted through the Core Strategy in 2011 and the Site Allocations Plan in 2014.  They do not reflect any changes in national or local policy, or evidence base since then. For live policy mapping, please go to:

The local plan policies maps can be viewed below

Town and District centre inset maps