Planning enforcement

The Planning Enforcement Team investigates and monitors a wide range of planning activities, including:

  • unauthorised building works and uses of land or buildings
  • development of sites
  • works to trees and listed buildings
  • advertisements
  • untidy land
  • high hedges.

Breach of control 

breach of control occurs when a development or other activity takes place without the necessary planning permission or consent.

When a breach of control is identified, following the monitoring of a development or receipt of complaint, the first course of action is to see whether those responsible will work voluntarily with the council to resolve the issue.

This can involve:

  • ceasing or moderating a use of land or building
  • altering or demolishing part or whole of a building 
  • submitting a planning application.

If the situation can not be resolved amicably, the council will decide whether it is appropriate to take further action.

Let us know about a breach

If you are concerned about a possible breach of planning control and want us to look into it, please complete our online form or email

Your email should include as many details as possible, including the location of the alleged breach, timescale and photographs.

You can also write to us. Please summarise your concerns in a brief letter addressed to: Planning Development, Public Service Plaza, Havant, PO9 2AX.

Complaints are dealt with in confidence and details of the complainant will not be made known without their agreement. However, the substance of the complaints themselves is not confidential. In some cases, it may be necessary to rely on evidence from complaints in order to take action and you will need to consider whether you are willing to actively assist the council by collecting evidence and acting as a witness at an appeal or in court.

If your concern does not relate to planning, it will be passed to the relevant team or contact details will be provided for the correct authority.