If you are living in the shadow of your neighbour's evergreen or semi-evergreen hedge and you consider that it is harming the enjoyment of your house or garden you can complain to the council. However before we can deal with your complaint you must make significant efforts to try to resolve the problem yourself.

Complaining to us is a last resort and is a chargeable service in line with Havant Borough Council’s current Schedule of Fees:

If you cannot find a resolution without contacting us, please see forms and advice on how to make a complaint below:

Making a complaint

Once a complaint is made on the relevant forms, the associated fee has been paid and it is clear that all necessary steps have been taken to try to solve the problem amicably, we will investigate.

The investigation will be carried out by the Arboriculturalist (Tree Officer) and a member of the Planning Enforcement Team Officer and the council will decide whether the offending hedge is having an unacceptable impact and what action, if any, should be taken to reduce its impact. The council will ask for the views of both parties and visit the affected properties before making a decision. Both parties will then be able to appeal to the Planning Inspectorate if they disagree with the verdict.

Please note that making a complaint to the council is very much a last resort and the person making the complaint must show that attempts to resolve the problem amicably have failed. Try talking or writing to the person responsible for the hedge, or using a mediation service.