Many documents in this section result from government legislation. For a full list of our policies and strategies, please visit the Policy Hub.

Quarterly performance reports

These reports show the performance of the council on a quarterly basis.


Q4 information is included in the year end statement of accounts.


Q4 information is included in the year end statement of accounts.

Corporate performance scorecard

This dashboard shows a range of corporate performance measures, grouped according to four segments and based on the latest data.

Corporate strategy 2022-26

The corporate strategy sets out what the council's role is, where we will be directing our efforts and what we hope to achieve to improve the quality of life across our district.

Digital strategy 2020-24

To create a digital council with digitally ‘savvy’ staff and councillors and services designed to be accessible and convenient for our customers.

Emergency response plan 2019

The key to an effective emergency response is the application of sound corporate principles and inter-agency co-operation. The purpose of this document is to set out those principles and provide a plan to enable the borough council to perform its function as a Category 1 responder.

Homelessness and rough sleeper strategy 2019-24

Havant Borough Council has conducted a review and developed its own homelessness strategy.

The strategy sets out an action plan for achieving homelessness related objectives.

Regeneration strategy 2022-36

Havant Borough Council plans to address the borough’s housing and economic challenges and to build on its strengths and opportunities for transformational growth.

An ambitious regeneration strategy – approved in March 2022 – identifies needs, opportunities, and a way forward.