Our organisation

Democratic Services support the elected members of the council and their meetings. In supporting the meetings of the council, the team ensures that agendas and reports are published and circulated within legal deadlines. Team members attend meetings of the council and offer advice on procedure when necessary, ensuring that all decisions are made lawfully and democratically. The team then produces accurate minutes of the meetings for further publication.

In supporting elected members, the team inducts new members, carries out research for members, and provides information and advice.

The council's constitution describes the four basic elements through which the council operates: the council, the cabinet, overview and scrutiny, and the committees.

The constitution sets out:

  • The rules and procedures to be followed by the council and committees when conducting their business;
  • The decision making powers of the cabinet and of committees;
  • The  financial and contract regulations;
  • The scheme of delegation;
  • The rights of the public to inspect reports and background documents;
  • Codes of conduct for councillors and employees;
  • Members' interests and members' allowances.