Local plan

The Local Plan forms the starting point in every planning decision. The plan sets out the vision for future development in the borough, identifies what areas should be developed, and what requirements and standards developers should meet in their proposals.

Every area in England and Wales should have an up-to-date Local Plan in place and review it at least every five years. We are preparing a new Local Plan for Havant which will set out how the borough should be developed into the future.

The Housing Delivery Position Statement

The Council has adopted a Housing Delivery Position Statement which sets out how planning applications for housing not in accordance with the Adopted Local Plan will be considered in an advance of a new Local Plan.

Adopted local plan

The council has an adopted local plan. This is made up of the Core Strategy (2011) and the Site Allocations Plan (2014):

These will remain in place until the new Havant Borough Local Plan is adopted. A large number of evidence base documents underpinned these two Local Plans.

The interactive policies map shows the spatial policies from these plans. A booklet version of the policies map can also be viewed.

Supplementary Planning Documents

Supplementary Planning Documents provide further guidance on some of the policies in the Local Plan.

If you have any questions regarding the local plan or any of the above, please email policy.design@havant.gov.uk or phone 023 9244 6019.