Food hygiene complaints

The Commercial Team can investigate complaints about food sold in Havant Borough or about food businesses operating in the borough.

Sometimes things may go wrong and the food sold may not be acceptable to the customer. Foreign objects in food are one type of complaint, however not all pose a health risk.

Problems can often be resolved by contacting the business that sold you the food directly. The Commercial Team can take action when public health or food safety is at risk.

Food hygiene inspections

The Environmental Health Team carries out regular food hygiene inspections of food businesses in the borough. 

The inspectors look at the food hygiene of premises to safeguard the health of the public. They do not judge the standard of service or the quality of the food unless this indicates a food safety issue. 

If you have a genuine concern about a hygiene or food safety issue you should let us know as soon as possible.

To see if our team can help you, please complete our online contact us form or call 023 9244 6654.