Havant Borough Council has trained staff ready to respond to any major emergency. They will co-ordinate the work of the council to try to lessen the effect of the incident on the residents, businesses and environment of the borough.

Whatever the cause of the emergency incident, the police, fire, ambulance and coastguard services are primarily responsible for dealing with the situation 'on the ground'.

Depending on the scale of the incident the armed services may also be called in to assist.

Emergency response plan

Havant Borough Council has put together the following emergency response plan:

The key to an effective emergency response is the application of sound corporate principles and inter-agency co-operation. This document sets out those principles and provides a plan which enables us to perform our function as a Category 1 responder to a wide range of emergencies.

Out of hours service

If an emergency occurs outside of our normal working hours, please see our out of hours service which may be able to help.

If you need emergency help or advice which fall outside of the councils remit, please see our list of emergency contacts.

Are you weather ready?

All types of weather can affect you, those around you, and your property. Make sure you're prepared by checking the Met Office's weather ready tips and advice. Here you will find advice on travel, your home and health and wellbeing.

Emergency updates on Twitter

We have put together a list on Twitter which follows all the relevant emergency services. This is a great place to find all the latest news and updates from these services during an emergency.