Surface water flooding can happen for a number of reasons, such as heavy rainfall, blocked drains or overflowing rivers or streams.

If your home is affected by flooding the council can give assistance in some circumstances.

Havant Borough Council does not provide sandbags to members of the public. Any supplies held by the council are used to support the emergency services when and where they may be required. Sandbags are readily available to purchase from builders merchants and DIY stores. It is advised that you call the store to check stock levels before travelling. Alternatively, in an emergency situation, a pillowcase or bin liner filled with soil from the garden may provide some protection against water entry

If your house is under threat and you have no sandbags, you can improvise by using the following:

  • Grow bags are the right shape and light enough to be easily carried
  • Bin liners or plastic carrier bags filled with soil dug from your garden
  • Soil wrapped up in a bath towel
  • You can buy sandbags from your local Builders Merchant or DIY Store

Help from other authorities

The Environment Agency (Environment Agency Floodline: 0345 988 1188), Hampshire Highways (Hampshire Highways Emergency Telephone: 0300 555 1388).