Council Tax

Council Tax is your contribution to the many services we provide, such as collecting rubbish and providing housing.

As well as collecting Council Tax for the services we provide, we also collect Council Tax on behalf of other local authorities. The majority of your Council Tax goes to Hampshire County Council and a proportion of your council tax also goes to the Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service and the Police and Crime Commissioner.

There are a number of ways to pay your Council Tax, including direct debit, online payments, by post or in person at our offices.

Manage your Council Tax online

You can manage your Council Tax online by creating a portal account. The portal gives you full access to your account where you can notify us of changes and apply for discounts and exemptions. You can also opt to receive your bills electronically.

Valuation bands

The amount you pay depends on the valuation band of your property.

Council Tax rates for Havant Borough for 2019/20 are shown by the valuation bands below.

Band A Band B Band C Band D
£1,140.35 £1,330.40 £1,520.47 £1,710.52
Band E Band F Band G Band H
£2090.64 £2,470.75 £2,850.87 £3,421.04

If you think your valuation is wrong you can challenge your band. You must continue to pay your Council Tax until the result of the appeal is decided.