Written knowledge test

The public have a right to expect that, when they get into either a taxi or private hire vehicle, the driver will know how to get to the destination. After all, they are paying for that level of service.

All applicants will have to pass the knowledge test in order to obtain a taxi or private hire vehicle licence no matter what type of work you are intending to undertake.

About the test

The knowledge test consists of two parts.

Part one 

Route questions - are questions about the quickest route (in distance) from one location to the other. Applicants will need to know the road names that they would take during the journey.

Locations - the names of places are given along with the choice of four road names. The applicant has to select the correct road name for the given location. 

Rules and regulations - these are multiple choice questions about the conditions regulations and laws governing the hackney carriage and private hire trades.

Part two

Map Locations - the names of schools, pubs, hotels, libraries and other places of interest are given and the applicant has to mark on a map where they think these locations are.

Area locations - the names of areas and villages are given and the applicant has to decide whether they are inside the Havant Borough Council are or not by circling 'yes' or 'no'.

Simple Maths - these are a few, very basic maths questions. 

Highway code - the applicant is given pictures of road signs appearing in the highway code and has to identify their meaning.

Written knowledge test fee

  • Drivers (hackney carriage and private hire licences) knowledge test - £43.00

The pass mark is 80% and the number and wording of the questions varies from test to test. Should the applicant fail the test at any stage, this fee is non-refundable.

The fee for re-tests is charged for each subsequent attempt. These are also non-refundable.

What to bring to the test

When attending the knowledge test, applicants should bring a form of photo ID and the fee.

Please remember that the destinations and questions cover all areas of the borough. That is Havant, Waterlooville (including Weacock, Cowplain and Purbrook), Bedhampton, Emsworth and Hayling Island.