The council decides the prices for services on an annual basis.

Some charges or fees are set by the government for us, and others we are allowed to set within their rules.

A copy of the council's detailed prices list is available below:

Please note where applicable, VAT is included in the fees shown.

Review of prices

Decisions on prices normally take account of the following factors:

  • impact on the council's corporate objectives
  • whether the council should provide the service as opposed to market provision
  • whether the price covers all running costs and fixed costs of the service
  • comparisons with other local authorities and with broadly similar privately provided facilities
  • ability of "customers" to pay and any need for social pricing, subsidy or free provision of services
  • any differentiation of residents and non-residents prices
  • effect of changes in prices on demand for the service (and therefore income)
  • statutory restrictions on pricing, including legality of any surplus
  • efficiency and effectiveness
  • inflation
  • national taxation policy e.g. VAT
  • seasonal factors - whether the same charges can be made all year round
  • administration costs
  • whether additional services could be provided at an additional price
  • consultations with users.

Fraud prevention and data matching

The law says we have to protect the public funds that we manage. We are allowed to share your information with other organisations that audit or manage public funds as part of the National Fraud Initiative, to prevent and detect fraud.

The Cabinet Office manages this on a national level, and compares information from different authorities to see if they match.