Private sector housing

Coronavirus update

The government has introduced new measures to ensure everyone has accommodation to stay in during the coronavirus outbreak.

Extension of notice period

The notice period to end a tenancy has been extended to a minimum of three months. Once this notice period ends, the landlord cannot force the tenant to leave without a court order.

This will apply until 30 September 2020 but can be extended if needed.

Suspension on evictions

The court service is suspending housing possessions meaning that ongoing cases or those about to go to court cannot be progressed.

This will last for 90 days from 27 March 2020 but can be extended if needed.

If you are having difficulties paying your rent, please contact your landlord in the first instance.

The government has introduced measures to prevent loss of accommodation during the coronavirus outbreak.

Our service

Our primary aim is to try to ensure that private sector residents are living in accommodation that is well maintained, safe and warm.

Privately rented accommodation

The information on our website will complement any information provided by a Housing Advisory Officer at a Housing Options interview. More information on how to rent can be found at GOV.UK website.

Are you a landlord who can help us find accommodation for homeless families & persons?

If so please contact us at Havant Borough Council to see how we can work together to provide homes for those who need them in these troubled times.

We are currently piloting a new scheme from 

What’s included in Rent Guarantor insurance?

  • Up to £10,000 malicious damage cover.
  • We guarantee to pay unpaid rent if the Tenant fails to pay.
  • RentGuarantor seeks to keep every tenant within the tenancy for the full term, creating a stable and secure environment for tenants. If a tenant falls into rent arrears, as the guarantor we will communicate with both tenant and landlord to assist in making sure that the tenant remains legally compliant, and where possible protected from eviction. Eviction is always the last resort.
  • We manage defaulting Tenants and take care of court applications and associated costs should the need arise.
  • Rent Guarantor, guarantee rental payments to your landlords during this unprecedented time, as well as the cover for damages, eviction/court costs and our tenancy sustainment service.
  • The policy is for the full duration of the tenancy.

We will offer support and assistance to both landlord and tenant to ensure your tenancies run smoothly. 

We can offer a month’s rent in advance paid direct to Landlord plus Rent Guarantor insurance at no cost to the Landlord.

With this insurance there will be no need for a deposit

This service gives you infinitely greater security over the traditional rent deposit that a Landlord may hold. We provide up to £10,000 of cover per tenancy which is 8 times greater than the national average deposit (Source TDS: Average deposit £1,020).

It is not a requirement for a Landlord to take a deposit and most who accept us as guarantors chose not to as it cuts down on administration for the Landlord.

For more information please contact Darren Hillier, Private Rented Sector Development Project Officer, by calling 07775 803618 or emailing