The Council’s CIL Spending Protocol sets out how CIL spending is administered in Havant borough.

Our invitation for expressions of interest in respect of new Strategic CIL Allocations closed on 21st November 2023.

This is a competitive process and we aware that the expressions of interest received outstripped the funding available. Funding decisions were made at Council on 28 February 2024 for allocation of funds from 1 April 2024. 

We anticipate inviting further Expressions of Interest for Strategic CIL in the Autumn of 2024. Expressions of Interest should consider the Corporate Strategy which sets out the vision for the borough. Proposals will only be eligible for CIL funding if they support delivery of the Corporate Strategy.

Any proposal should also:

  • Be identified in the Infrastructure Delivery Plan (IDP). As the IDP can be timebound, projects proposed that would be suitable for inclusion in this document will also be considered
  • Understand Strategic CIL is unlikely to fund projects in full.  The Council expects delivery teams and organisations to identify and bring to the table other sources of funding that will contribute to the delivery of the projects seeking Strategic CIL funding
  • Be in line with the Council’s Corporate Strategy, including any relevant supporting strategies such as the Regeneration Strategy
  • Relate to fixed infrastructure/'immovable' items
  • Go beyond pure maintenance to improve an asset or provide a new asset
  • Be a capital project
  • Deliver clear and significant benefits to users/the community
  • Last long term (minimum 10 years) without having to be replaced or upgraded
  • Be for project delivery, rather than solely project development or feasibility

Any queries should be directed to

What expenditure of CIL funds has been agreed to date?

Full details of past funding decisions can be found on our Community Infrastructure Levy spending decisions page.