A personal licence allows the holder to authorise sales of alcohol at a licensed premises, and to be named as the designated premises supervisor on a premises licence.

The Deregulation Act 2015 means that personal licences no longer need to be renewed. The licence will continue until it's either surrendered or revoked and the expiry date no longer applies. Your personal licence must always show your current address.

Who can apply?

To apply for a personal licence, you must:

  • be aged 18 years or over; and
  • hold a relevant licensing qualification.

Accredited personal licence qualification providers on GOV.UK.

You must apply to the local authority for where you are ordinarily resident.

Submitting your application

You'll need to provide:

  • a completed application form’
  • a completed disclosure of convictions and civil penalties;
  • a copy of an acceptable document demonstrating your right to work in the UK;
  • 2 passport-style photographs, one of which is endorsed to be a true likeness of yourself by a solicitor or notary, a person of standing in the community or an individual with a professional qualification;
  • an ​approved licensing qualification certificate;
  • a current (less than 1 month old) basic DBS check;
  • the required fee (please refer to the Council’s fees).

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Updating your personal licence

Your personal licence is portable throughout England and Wales. This means that you can use your personal licence to be the designated premises supervisor at a licensed premises anywhere in England and Wales. However if you do move, you must notify the council of your new address. There is also an ongoing requirement to notify the Council of any change of name.

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Designated premises supervisor (DPS)

A personal licence holder may give consent to become a designated premises supervisor (DPS) for a licensed premises where the activity of supply of alcohol is authorised. 

The DPS has a legal responsibility for authorising the sale of alcohol and will generally be responsible for the day to day running of the establishment and the court can forfeit their licence if they are convicted of any relevant offences. 

It is worth ensuring that should the DPS not be present on the premises there is a clear management structure with which the staff are familiar.

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