Start your recycling resolutions with your Christmas waste

Wednesday, 4 January, 2023

As the Twelfth Night fast approaches (Friday 6 January) and we return to work and school after the festivities, it's traditionally time to take your Christmas decorations down for another year.

Havant Borough Council is reminding people to recycle as much of their seasonal waste as possible - including real Christmas trees.

Councillor Lulu Bowerman, Cabinet Lead for Environmental Services, said: "Many people make resolutions at New Year and what better time to focus on recycling or reusing more of our waste?

"We generate more waste over the Christmas period than other times of the year so we want to let people know that much of this waste can be recycled. 

"If you're not sure which bin to put them in, there's a handy guide on our website where you can also check your collection days. I'd like to thank everyone for all their efforts to recycle and here's to a green New Year!"

Real Christmas trees (minus decorations and bases) can be cut up and put into your brown-lidded garden waste bin for collection.  However, if residents aren't subscribed, they can take their tree to their local Household Waste Recycling Centre (HWRC). 

You can recycle real and artificial Christmas trees at all of the HWRCs. The locations of the centres are available to view on Hampshire County Council's website here.

Glass bottles and jars can be taken to one of the many glass recycling sites around the borough.

All glass items should be posted into the holes on the side of the glass banks - Please do not leave your glass on the floor surrounding the banks.

Don't forget your glass needs to be clean, dry and loose to be of use! This means that the materials are less likely to be contaminated and can be easily sorted.

You can find your nearest glass bank here

Plastic bottles, aerosols and tins can all be recycled at home. Please ensure they are all clean, dry and loose in your green-lidded recycling bin.

Most Christmas cards and wrapping paper can also be recycled as long as they don't contain glitter or foil. If you're not sure if your paper can be recycled, try the scrunch test first by scrunching the paper in your hand - if it stays in a ball it's suitable for recycling.

If you have additional items you would like to recycle, that we do not currently collect, the recycling locator will help you find your nearest drop-off point.

For more information about rubbish and recycling, and to check your collections, visit 

Battery safety

What will you do with your old battery-powered gadgets? Perhaps consider selling or donating them if they still work. Otherwise, please recycle them responsibly using battery or electrical recycling services - never bin your batteries! 

Batteries can pose a serious fire risk if disposed of carelessly. Used batteries should be taken to your nearest HWRC or to a battery collection point often found in supermarkets, DIY stores and many other public places. Find your nearest recycling point

More information can be found here

You can be that person - Binfluencer

Binfluencer - the person on your street who always put their wheelie bins our first on bin day - and the rest of the neighbours follow.

You can be the Binfluencer on your road by finding out when your bin collection day is with our online calendar.

Just enter your postcode and your calendar will be displayed under 'waste and recycling'.

Please remember to bring your bins back in once they have been emptied.  This will help pedestrians passing by.