Council considers reining in horse-riding on Hayling beach

Friday, 26 June, 2020

Havant Borough Council is looking again at a 40-year-old by-law that allows horse-riding on Hayling Island beach.

The by-law, from the 1970s, allows horse-riding on the beach before 10am and after 7pm but the council is now re-considering this position as it is putting other beach users at risk.

Horse-riders have been using the shoreline outside the permitted times and with large numbers visiting the beach during the recent sunny spells there is a significant risk of an accident.

Cllr Gary Hughes, Deputy Leader of the Council and Cabinet Lead for Planning, Hayling Seafront Strategy, Commercial Services, said: “During the recent sunny spell there have been a number of incidents where irresponsible horse-riding has posed a risk to people on the beach.

“I accept that riding on the shoreline is an activity that has been preserved in our local laws for many decades. However, if it puts other beach users in danger then we must consider whether it is appropriate to allow it to continue during the summer season.”

The council is also monitoring parking around the beaches with some cars blocking access to emergency vehicles.

On Thursday the council issued 50 PCNs to cars parked illegally on Ferry Road and the surrounding area.