Bank Holiday Bin Collections

The rubbish, recycling and garden waste collection teams will be working as normal during the three Bank Holiday weekends on:

  • Monday 1 May
  • Monday 8 May
  • Monday 29 May

Wheeled bins must be at the boundary of your property by 7am on your usual collection day. Failure to put your bin out will result in your bin not being emptied.

Don't just recycle - recycle right 

Items in your recycling bin should be:

  • Empty, rinse and dry all plastic bottles, tins and cans 
  • Place lids back on all bottles 
  • Items should go in loose (all items separate)
  • Flatten cardboard – keep it dry (large pieces of neatly flattened cardboard can be left by the side of your recycling bin

A full list of what can and cannot be recycled can be found here.

Using glass banks

Please make every effort to take all your glass jars and bottles to the glass banks around the borough. All colours of glass can be put in the same bank. 

We kindly ask you to avoid using glass banks at night to minimise noise nuisance to neighbouring properties.  

These banks are emptied regularly and we make every effort to ensure recycling banks sites remain in a clean and tidy condition.   It is advisable to check both sides of the glass bank for available capacity. If the skip is full, please do not leave your glass on the floor, there are many other sites around the borough for you to visit.

Did you know ... 

You can now sign up to receive bin alerts for your local area?  Sign up here.  If you have already signed up, you might like to change your options to suit where you live