Make recycling your goal

The World Cup kicks off on Sunday 20 November and runs until 18 December.  Many of us will be gathering together to enjoy the matches. Here are our top tips to help you ‘recycle right’ whilst you enjoy the games:

  • Empty drinks cans are great for recycling so pop them in your recycling bin at home
  • If you have a takeaway, make sure the empty box or container goes in your rubbish bin. Grease or any leftover food will mean it can’t be recycled and could spoil other recyclables in your wheeled bin
  • Opt for reusable cups, plates, napkins and cutlery instead of single-use/disposable ones
  • If you’re hosting a party have a separate bin for the recycling in a handy position
  • Having a beer? Remember to recycle your glass bottles in one of our banks .  Find your nearest here
  • If you want to find out if something can be recycled visit for a full list.

Don't just recycle - Recycle Right!