Mayor of the borough

The Mayor of the borough

for 2022-23 is Cllr Diana Patrick.


Invite the Mayor to your event

The Mayor can attend events virtually or in person.

If you would like to invite the Mayor to an event, please complete our online form.

To allow time for us to put in place the necessary arrangements for the Mayor's visit, we respectfully ask that you allow at least seven days' notice. 

The Mayor’s secretary, April Shilstone, will then respond to you to let you know whether the Mayor will be able to attend and to ask for any additional information.

If you have any questions prior to completing the form, please contact April via email on or phone at 023 9244 6152.

What does the Mayor do?

The role of the Mayor, other than as Chairman of the Council, arises from custom and practice. In 1974 the council (legally a district council) petitioned for the right to be called a borough and being granted that status, was and is entitled to call its chairman 'Mayor'.

The Mayor presides over council meetings, to ensure they are carried out efficiently and with regard to the rights of councillors and interests of the community

Furthermore, the role of Mayor ensures that council meetings are a forum for debate of matters of concern to the local community and the place at which members who are not on the Cabinet are able to hold the Cabinet and committee chairmen to account.

A key community aspect of the Mayoral role is to promote public involvement in the council's activities, including attending functions and activities, arranged either to promote the borough, or for charitable causes.

What is the correct way of addressing the Mayor?

The correct form of address is: Mrs Mayor or Madam Mayor.

The full title of the Mayor is: The Worshipful the Mayor of Havant.

The Mayor's Consort

The Mayor’s Consort is Mr James Spencer.

The Mayor's Chaplain

The Mayor's Chaplain is Canon Tom Kennar, of St Faith’s Church, Havant.

The Chaplain is chosen by the Mayor and is an honorary title. The Chaplain attends civic functions and is responsible for prayers before council meetings and saying grace before any civic dinners.

Mayor's charities

How to donate

If anyone wishes to donate to the Mayor's charity, they can do so by sending their donation to the Mayor of Havant's Charity Appeal Fund using the following bank details.

  • Account number - 61706612
  • Sort code - 60 10 20
  • You can also donate by cheque. This must be payable to the 'The Mayor of Havant's Charity Appeal Fund'.

The cheque must then be sent to: The Mayor's Secretary, The Mayor's Parlour, Public Service Plaza, Havant, PO9 2AX.

For further information please contact the Mayor’s Secretary on 023 9244 6152 or e-mail

What are the Mayor's charities?

For this Mayoral year, Cllr Patrick has chosen to support:

SSAFA – Havant

The Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Families Association – Forces Help (SSAFA) is the senior Forces Help Charity.

The Havant Division was established in 1926 and is based courtesy of St Faith’s, at Church House. It is their continued aim, with our kind support, to look after our Sailors, Soldiers, Airmen and their families, who have done such a wonderful job over the years.

SSAFA Havant, is very much a small, detached unit of SSAFA, Worldwide and closer still, UK. Each Division is responsible for its own survival and the welfare of those in its catchment area. Funds raised by the local branch are retained to help the people in the Borough of Havant. Over the last twenty years, our local SSAFA branch office, has raised over £2m.

In recent years, SSAFA Havant saw the loss of the last of its dependents from WW1 and more recently their ‘Senior’ at 100 plus years!

Every member of SSAFA is a volunteer and as such gives of their time freely and they always welcome support both physically and financially.

Dementia Friendly Havant

Dementia Friendly Hampshire is an independent charity working to make Hampshire a county where people affected by Dementia can live a good life with opportunities to participate in and, contribute to their communities and be valued for who they are.

Dementia is a progressive illness. It affects the brain and its symptoms can vary from person to person. No two people experience dementia in the same way.

In the UK more than 850,000 people are currently living with dementia and one in three people who live in our local community will have a family member or close friend living with the condition.

Dementia Friendly Hampshire is driving the development of dementia friendly communities across our county. Any funds raised from my appeal fund will be ring-fenced for use in the Borough of Havant and I will be meeting with their support workers to have personal input in how the funds will be spent.

Their work enables people affected by dementia to live as well as possible despite their diagnosis. By working with local organisations and businesses they can help them understand how to support people with dementia.

In addition, they help develop local Dementia Action Groups and they partner with them to create activities and events for people with dementia including sports, gardening, music and arts. This allows those affected by dementia to contribute to their communities and be valued for who they are.

Mayor’s cadets

Each Mayor selects local cadets to support them and attend some Mayoral events.

The Mayor's cadets for the year 2022-23 are:

  • Matthew Bennett, 2260 Waterlooville Squadron Air Training Cadet Force
  • Harry Villalon, 101 Independent Cadet Force
  • Libby Hardwick, St John Cadet
  • Luke Stainsby, St John Cadet

Each cadet is presented with a signed certificate of appointment and a special cadet badge.