Havant Borough Council is a ‘people oriented’ employer that knows the importance of its staff... We value our employees’ ideas, their contributions and their dedication to being the best that they can be.

Our excellent employment package offers favourable terms and conditions, along with a competitive salary and pension. We are committed to providing staff with the flexibility to achieve a healthy work-life balance which in turn gives greater job satisfaction.

At Havant Borough Council, you will find yourself working in a supportive atmosphere, with friendly people in vibrant surroundings. We have a dynamic working environment which embraces the use of modern technology and smarter working arrangements.

We are an employer that engages with our staff, encourages innovation and offers many opportunities to develop.

The basic principles of behaviour for our staff and councillors is reflected in the way we approach our work. Our great can-do attitude and our ethos to do the best that we can at all times!