At Havant Borough Council we want all of our people to be the best that they can be. We always like to recognise a job well done and we positively reinforce this.

Every role in the council contributes to its success and we really value the contribution that every person makes. You can expect a satisfying level of responsibility and accountability in your role and you will carry out meaningful and rewarding work with interesting, motivated people.  

We actively try to develop and grow our own talent so that when job opportunities arise we have aspiring stars that can take on additional responsibility. As such, there are always opportunities to grow and advance in your role. 

We have a proactive approach to staff development and work with staff to identify training needs and personal development goals which enhance opportunities for promotion to further staff careers. Our talent management system works to identify future talent, succession and development opportunities which ensures we are keeping and maintaining our workforce.

To ensure that our people fully understand the council's commitment to development, we have an organisational development strategy in place which has the full support at both a senior and political level. This means that we really value our people and are committed to ensuring that we offer the best type of employee experience that we can.