Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) – 2 May 2024

A poll to elect the Police and Crime Commissioner for Hampshire and Isle of Wight Police Area will take place on 02 May 2024. 

Police and Crime Commissioners (PCCs) make sure that the local police in their area are meeting the needs of the community.

The Police Area Returning Officer (PARO) for Hampshire and Isle of Wight is Mark Heath at Southampton City Council and more information about these elections can be found on their website. The PARO is responsible for the conduct of the poll and declaration of result only.

Information on the candidates standing for election in the Hampshire and Isle of Wight police area can be found by visiting the Choose my PCC website, which will only be updated following the close of nominations on Friday 5 April 2024.

You will also be able to download a PDF booklet of the candidate details or you will be able to ring 0300 1311 323 to request a copy to be delivered to you.

Current election Notices - Police and Crime Commissioner Elections 2024 (PDF 89kb)

Havant Borough Council – 2 May 2024

Ordinary every year for three consecutive years, one councillor in each ward will have completed their term of office and their seat will become vacant. The subsequently elected councillor will then be in post for a further four years. In the fourth year there is no election. This is known as electing by thirds.

Following the Local Government Boundary Review that concluded in 2022, Havant Borough Council will have an ‘all out’ election this year. This means that all 3 seats in each of the 12 Wards within the Havant Borough will become vacant.

Following the election in May 2024. Havant Borough council will revert to the schedule below.

Key Dates for current elections - LGE-PCC combined election timetable 2 May 2024

Previous Election Results - https://www.havant.gov.uk/elections/election-results

Current Election Notices -  Notice of Elections 26 March 2024 (word 21kb)

Notices by ward

Polling stations

**Your polling station may have changed**

You can search for your polling station by visiting the 'Find your polling station | Where Do I Vote?' website. You will also find this information on your poll card.

You can also search your postcode on a map and see if your ward or polling station has changed for the elections on 02 May 2024.

FAQ’S - Upcoming elections

When will I receive my Poll Card?

Poll Cards will be sent out to Electors once the Notice of Election is published. You can call the team or email us if you are worried that you haven't received a Poll Card and you cannot find the information you need, please contact us on 02392 446225

I have lost my Poll Card - can I still vote?

If you have lost your poll card, you can still go to your polling station and tell the staff your full name and address you will be able to vote. You will need to have a recognised form of photo ID to vote though. A list of acceptable forms of photo ID can be found at: Accepted forms of photo ID | Electoral Commission.

I have not received information from the Candidates – where can I find out about them?

As a Council we must remain impartial and will not hold or distribute any information on behalf Candidates. Candidates and any party they represent are responsible for their own publicity and information.

I want to become a Councillor

Please continue to the Become a councillor page.

You can also find information on the Local Government Website.

Who is my local Councillor?

You can find out who your Borough Councillors are by visiting our Your Councillors webpages.

You can find out who your County Councillors are by visiting Your Councillors | Hampshire County Council.

Where can I find information about the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Police and Crime Commissioner?

You can find information by visiting the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Police and Crime Commissioner website.

Where can I find information about previous election results?

Results from previous elections can be found on our Election results web page.

If you have any queries regarding these results, please contact the Electoral Services team by email on elections.office@havant.gov.uk or by phone on 02392 446225