Council tax support

Customers who receive council tax support can view details of their entitlement by registering for a portal account.

Council tax support is a benefit to help some people pay their council tax. If awarded, council tax support is paid directly to your council tax account.

The amount of support you can get will depend on your income and your personal circumstances. There is a capital limit of £16,000 which means people who have more than £16,000 in savings or capital will not receive council tax support.

You should apply straightaway if you think you are eligible for council tax support as it is not always possible to backdate payments. You should also let us know immediately, if your circumstances change, as any overpayment must be paid back to the council.

There are also other council tax discounts you may be able to claim.

How to apply for council tax support

Our online benefits calculator will help you decide whether you may be eligible for this support.

The easiest way to apply for council tax support is to complete our online claim form.

Council tax support scheme

This document details how the scheme will operate for both pension credit age and working age applicants and in accordance with Section 13A of the Local Government Finance Act 1992 which specifies the classes of person who are to be entitled to a reduction under the scheme.

Privacy policy

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