Budgets and spending

Budget information

This report is the full budget report agreed by Havant Borough Council for 2020-21.

It shows the net cost of providing council services and how this expenditure is funded.

Also within this document is information showing the forecast financial position over the next three years, taking into account changes in government funding, other income and spending.

The report also includes information on Council Tax charges, reserves position, and treasury management policies.

How we are funded 2020-21

The council gets its funding from these areas:

  • Business rates - £5.605 million
  • Council Tax - £8.642 million
  • Investment income - £1.439 million
  • New homes bonus - £0.902 million

Distribution of Council Tax payments

The council distributes Council Tax payments accordingly:

  • Hampshire County Council (72.2%)
  • Hampshire Police & Crime Commissioner (11.8%)
  • Havant Borough Council (12%)
  • Hampshire Fire & Rescue Authority (4%)