Animal welfare regulations 2018

The law governing the licensing of animal welfare establishments changed in October 2018.

These changes were made to bring the licensing regime up to date with local government regulation and to improve animal care standards, as well as making it compatible with the Animal Welfare Act 2006.

Please find below the updated guidelines concerning the Animal Welfare Regulations 2018 (licensing of activities involving animals):


Licence type Application fee Compliance/ enforcement Total fee Additional costs to applicant
Pet shops £201 £55 £256 N/A
Dog breeding £202 £55 £257 Fee for vet inspection.
Animal boarding (dogs and cats) £185 £48 £233 N/A
Home boarding of dogs £140 £48 £188 N/A
Domestic dog day care £140 £48 £188 N/A
Dog boarding franchise licence (1 named location) £185 £55 £257 N/A
Dog boarding franchise licence (2 named locations) £370 £55 £425 N/A
Dog boarding franchise licence (3 named locations) £555 £110 £665 N/A
Dog boarding franchise licence (4+ named locations) £740 £110 £850 N/A
Commercial day care for dogs £185 £55 £240 N/A
Dangerous wild animals license (2 years) £140 £20 £160 Fee for vet on each renewal.
Keeping animal(s) for exhibition (3 years) £170 £55 £225 Fee for vet inspection on application.
Horse riding (1-9 horses) £255 £55 £310 Fee for vet inspection on application, and yearly throughout licence term.
Horse riding (10-19 horses) £285 £55 £340
Horse riding (20+ horses) £315 £55 £370
Request for re-rating £100      
Licence variation     £30 minimum +£25 p/hour for additional work as agreed
Appeal Costs for visits associated with unsuccessful appeal £89  

Animal establishment application forms

Once completed the application form and supporting documents should be submitted to Once the team has confirmed receipt of your application form an invoice for the application fee will be sent directly to you.

For further information please read the following FAQs relating to:

Pre-inspections information