Transport projects and strategies

We are carrying out a large programme of improvements to roads and footways across the borough. Most of these projects are paid for by funds negotiated with developers of houses and businesses. On this page you will see a selection of our current projects, as well as an archive of some of the completed schemes.

Walking and cycling projects

We are developing a network of safe facilities for cyclists across the borough. The new network builds on 'spine' routes which are part of the National Cycle Network, three routes of which cross the Borough: Route 2 (Dover - Cornwall), Route 22 (London - New Forest) and 222 (Portsmouth - Petersfield). 

The work we are doing has the added benefit of improving the network for pedestrians as well as many of the facilities we have provided are 'shared' between the two sets of users; but in addition we are also building on the local network of long distance paths such as the new Shipwrights Way to improve walking links across the borough. Both cyclists and pedestrians need to use the network with courtesy for each other.

Road projects

Developments such as the new 'Berewood' community in Waterlooville, and Dunsbury Hill Farm in Leigh Park, will add traffic to existing roads. The developers of new housing areas, or those providing accommodation for new businesses and industry, are required to agree (and pay towards the cost of) any changes to the road network needed to deal with this extra traffic. This can be anything from new pedestrian crossings, junction improvements, bus facilities or new roads.

Transport Strategies

Everything we do is dictated by transport policies and strategies. Relevant strategies are listed below (some in progress).

Interactive map