Street name and numbering is a statutory function of Local Authorities under the powers of various Acts including Sections 17 and 18 of the Public Health Act 1925.

Street name and numbering fees 2023-24

  • Rename a road - £358.00
  • Rename a property - £120
  • Numbering of new developments (first plot) - £108
  • Numbering of new developments (2+ plots) - £81 per plot

Add, change or remove a property name

If you wish to change the official name of your property that has no road number associated with it, you must obtain approval from the council.

This ensures that no other properties in the area have the same or a similar sounding name which can cause confusion for emergency services, utility companies or the Royal Mail.

For this reason you are asked to supply a choice of three names. If none of the names are suitable, you will be asked to resubmit alternative names.

If you wish to add a name to your property, the number will remain as it is. You may request to remove any name associated with your property if it has a number.

Application form for adding, changing or removing a property name.

New developments

All new developments need to be given an official address. An application should be made as soon as work begins on site.

Once Royal Mail confirms the address details, the council will inform the emergency services and all borough council services.

The applicant will then receive formal confirmation, a plan and numbering schedule by email.

Single dwelling

Please email your requirements to including an electronic version block plan showing the location and access point to the property.

Development of two or more properties

Please email your requirements to including an electronic version site plan showing road layouts plot numbers and access points to the properties. For flats, apartments or maisonettes, floor layouts must be provided showing access to each dwelling.

Royal Mail allocates the postcode but addresses are only reserved at this time. They will not be registered until physical completion of the properties is confirmed by the developer to the Royal Mail.

Application form for a new single dwelling or new development.