Our contractors, Norse South East sweep roads, collect litter and empty bins in the borough.

The council is responsible for cleansing all public highways within the borough, as well as its own land and public car parks.

Litter bins

Our teams are still out emptying litter bins but it might take longer than usual.

In the event of staff shortages, the teams will prioritise litter bins in high footfall areas.

If you find an abandoned shopping trolley, please contact the supermarket it came from. If the name of the supermarket isn’t visible, please contact us and we will come out and remove it.

For any other problems or road blockages, please contact Hampshire County Council.

Fines for litter and dog fouling

You can be fined £80 if you drop litter or £50 if you do not clean up after your dog.

Read more about litter and dog fouling enforcement.

Litter bins

Litter bins on a public footway (pavement) or on an area of HBC public open space will be emptied by our contractors.

Our bins are emptied regularly but if you find a full or overflowing bin, please let us know via our 'contact us' form and we will empty it as soon as possible.