It is really frustrating for everyone to see litter across the borough, on pavements, roads and on our verges.

Litter picking on busy and fast main roads is an important task, but it can also be dangerous.

Lane closures are put in place and our crews undertake specific training to be qualified to close these lanes and work in this setting. The process is expensive and time consuming.

Street and verge cleaning is funded from Council Tax. Our crews work hard to keep roads clear of litter, however we need your help as well.

The majority of litter cleared is fast food packaging and items thrown from vehicles. This litter would not exist if people took responsibility for the waste they create. The money spent cleaning grass verges could be better spent on other essential services for residents.

How and when are main roads litter picked?

We litter pick our main roads (mostly A & B classifications) twice a year.

On dangerous main roads we have to close down lanes in order to litter pick grass verges and the central reservation safely. On dual carriageways we work with traffic management companies to cone off lanes.

Parts of the A3M and A27 are managed by Highways England. Contact Highways England via email at or telephone on 0300 123 5000.

Although we are responsible for litter picking these roads, we can only do the work when Highways England say it is safe to do, as it's a dangerous high-speed road.  This is usually early in the morning or overnight, when lanes are being closed for safety works. There is no set time for us to do this.

Where possible, litter picking on these roads and their slipways is planned in with other essential routine work to avoid the need for additional lane closures.

We will keep you updated with any litter picking activities on our social media channels.

If you are concerned about a litter hotspot, please report it to us by completing our contact us form and our teams will look into this.