Search and comment on planning applications

Comment on planning applications

Every member of the community has the right to comment on any planning application. We take your comments into consideration when recommending the application for approval or refusal.

To be taken into consideration, a comment, also know as a representation, must include your full name, full postal and/or email address and a contact telephone number if possible. Letters will not be acknowledged.

Your comments whether submitted online, via email or in a letter will become public documents, they cannot be treated as confidential even if the writer expressly wishes it (in accordance with the Local Government Act 2000).

It is important that you find out as much as you can about the details of the application. This can be achieved either by discussing the proposal with the applicant, by inspecting the application online via the searches linked below or at the planning reception.

You must send your comments as soon as possible as the government have set a time limit for the receipt of comments to enable applications to be decided as quickly as possible. If you do send us comments we will send you a notification of the outcome of the decision.

How do I make a comment?

You can comment via two methods:

You will be able to check that your comments have been received by looking at the applications online.

What can I comment on?

A Planning Officer can consider your concerns relating to:

  • Development Plan Policy
  • Government Guidance
  • Highway safety and traffic
  • Design, appearance and layout
  • Effect on daylight, privacy and outlook
  • Conservation of buildings, trees and hedgerows
  • Loss of open spaces, countryside and other natural habitats
  • Noise, smells and fumes

The following are not relevant planning matters and cannot be taken into account:

  • Loss of private views
  • Matters covered by other regulations/laws
  • The fact that development may have started
  • Business competition

How are my comments processed?

Any comments you make will be made available online, but please note your name and address will not be published on our website in line with the General Data Protection Regulations. Please see the council's privacy statement for further details.

If you believe you have submitted a comment that is not shown on the online application documentation, please contact the team at

Please be aware there will be a small delay between submission and publication on the web.

The comments will be forwarded to the relevant planning officer.

Please be aware that your comments will be available for others to read as it is placed in a file with all the other documents that relate to the planning application.

Under the provisions of the Local Government (Access to Information) Act 1985, any written comments that you submit will be made available for both inspection and copying. They will also be copied to the Planning Inspectorate in the event of an appeal.

All comments received will be published on our website.

We will take all reasonable steps to remove personal (but not business) information such as telephone numbers, emails addresses and signatures before publication.

At all times the council shall process your data fairly and lawfully and for the purposes of which it was obtained, in compliance with the Data Protection Act 1998 and its principles.

You should therefore only include information that you are happy to be seen by the public and available over the internet.

If you use, or supply your email address to make a comment about an application, we will assume this is your preference for future communication regarding the application

Please remember to include your name, address, postcode, and application reference number with your comments as this will enable us to record your comments against the right application.

If you choose to comment on an application, please be aware that placing or publishing discriminatory comments is unlawful under the Equality Act 2010. The Act protects individuals from discrimination based on sex, race, disability, gender reassignment, pregnancy & maternity, marriage & civil partnership, religion & belief, sexual orientation & age. Any such comments will be removed from our website & the individuals will be reported to the Police.