Bulbeck Car Park Demolition – website FAQs       

 1.      Why has this decision been taken?

The car park is underutilised – more so since the pandemic – and is reaching end of its life without significant investment to keep it operational. Havant has a well-documented need for housing and this site will allow for around 91 additional town centre homes to be built. Government funding has been secured to demolish the structure with a view to providing these homes and will remove a hotspot for vandalism and anti-social behaviour whilst improving the look and feel of the surrounding area.

2.      When will the car park close?

This is currently being finalised. Suitable advance notice will be provided at the Bulbeck Road site, on the Havant Borough Council website and via social media.

3.      Where else can I park?

Parking is still available in the main Meridian Centre car park a short walk away or in any of the other town centre car parks, further information can be found here.

4.      I have a parking permit, what are my options?

Existing parking permits will be valid in the main Meridian Centre car park. If this is no longer suitable you can cancel your permit. Contact the parking team for more information.

5.      What will be done to limit the dust whilst the car park is being demolished?

The appointed demolition company has a proven track record for demolition projects and will take every care to reduce the impact on the rest of the town. Measures to be taken include sheeting around the scaffolding surrounding the building during the course of the works to prevent debris.  Further damping down of the concrete and debris as the works progressed to minimise dust.

6.      What are the long-term plans for the car park site?

Whilst the car park is being demolished HBC officers will be undertaking further background study, liaising with planning and procuring a developer to design and build the new homes. There will be an open procurement exercise in line with regulations and details will be published here when this is completed.

An indicative scheme that shows what could be possible on the site can be seen here.

Details will be made available later in the process.

7.      Where can I make comment on the plans?

The proposed scheme will be subject to planning permission and comments will be invited as part of the process. Details will be published here once the application is live.

8.      When will the project be completed?

We expect the demolition to be completed in early 2024. The terms of the government grant state that the build must be completed by the end of March 2026.