Jobs and careers - the recruitment process

Now you've decided to apply with us, here are a few notes to help you through our recruitment process.

How to apply for a job at Havant Borough Council in (just over) 60 seconds.

Find what you're looking for

If you know which role you would like to apply for please type the title into the keywords box. Otherwise, you can simply select Havant Borough Council as the location and hit search for a full list of our vacancies.

Once you've decided on a role to apply for, have a read through the job description and person specification.

Applied with us before?

Yes, great! Log-in to your account and complete the application.

New to our application system?

Yes, also great! Please register as a new user and complete the form provided. Once you have confirmed your email address and decided on a password you can get straight to the application.

After the closing date

Once the deadline for applications has passed, the recruiting manager will assess applications and decide who to invite for interview.

If you are successful, your invitation to interview will be emailed through to you with the date, time and any other information you may require.

If your application is not successful, we will contact you via email to let you know. If you would like feedback on your application please contact the recruiting manager in the first instance.

On your interview day

The recruitment process you can expect will be detailed to you in advance of the day. Arrive early to ensure time for parking and getting yourself settled before it all begins - no one likes being flustered.

Don't forget to bring any requested documentation with you, this might include; any professional or educational certificates and proof of right to work. Some interviews include an assessment; details of this will be provided on the day.

You will then meet with the interviewing panel who will ask questions about your experience and how you are suited to the job.

It's decision time

If your application and interview has resulted in a positive outcome, you will be contacted by the recruiting manager. Congratulations and welcome to the team! Confirmation of this decision will then be emailed to you along with instructions on how to arrange a start date and your contract will follow.

If your application has not been successful on this occasion, this will be confirmed to you by email. Thank you for applying to work with us and please don't forget to sign-up for new vacancy alerts via the portal.