Once you have received permission for your proposal, the decision will include a number of conditions.  

Some of these conditions direct you to complete the work in a certain way and must be complied with, for example, the work must be started within 3 years of the date of the decision.  

Some of the conditions require you to provide the planning team with further information in order for a specific aspect of the proposal to be assessed for approval. For example, you may need to provide details of the materials to be used in the building if you were unable to include this detail in the original application.

The process where you are required to provide further information to the planning team is called ‘Discharge of Conditions’.

You can apply electronically through the Planning Portal or you can print a copy from the Application Forms page on the Havant Borough Council website (Application for approval of details reserved by condition (discharge of conditions) – form no. 12).

A fee is payable. Please check the current fee using the Planning Portal Fee Calculator (choose the first option – approval of details reserved by condition).

If you have to provide samples of building materials to be approved, please complete a Samples Form and bring the form with your materials to the reception desk at The Plaza.

The application will be processed in a similar way to a standard planning application; your application reference remains the same, the information is available online via the website and any relevant consultees are contacted.

You should receive your decision within 8 weeks from the date of the request. If more time is required to make that decision, this will be agreed in writing with you. If the request is straightforward, we aim to provide your decision sooner.