If you are building a new house (or houses), your development will be liable to Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL).

CIL will have been part of the planning application process. You or your agent will have submitted a CIL Additional Information form and CIL Form 1: Assumption of Liability along with the application at the time of submission.

When the application was approved, a CIL Liability Notice would have been issued, informing you of the sum payable towards the Community Infrastructure Levy.

The next steps are the most important.

Before you commence work on site you must have submitted a Commencement Notice (CIL form 6) to the Planning Department separately to informing Building Control of commencement.

This applies even if you have a self build exemption.

What happens next?

If you have submitted all the correct documentation, you will be issued with a demand notice from Havant Borough Council which tells you how much to pay and when to pay it by.  For instance,

  • A liability of under £20,000 will be due for payment 120 days after commencement. 
  • A liability of over £20,000 can be paid in instalments up to 240 days after commencement.

Please quote the payment reference number when making payment.

If you commence work and have not submitted all the correct documentation a surcharge of either 20% or £2500 (whichever is the lesser amount) will be applied and you could be at risk of losing a granted exemption.

A further surcharge will be applied if payment is not made within 30 days. The CIL Regulations also set out how further surcharges may be incurred.