Traffic signs

New signs are installed by Hampshire County Council on behalf of the Highway Authority to regulate, advise and give directional information to the road user.

The Highway Code gives examples of the most common signs in normal use:

  • regulatory signs - signs with red circles
  • warning signs - mostly triangular
  • direction signs - mostly rectangular destinations and map type
  • information signs - mostly rectangular.

If you see a problem with a traffic sign or marking, please report it to Hampshire County Council.

Private road signs

Private road signs are signs which direct road users to places which are not directly on the main road network, to aid navigation.

They have a white background and are provided for highway safety and effective traffic management.

Tourist signs

Hampshire County Council manages tourist information signs.

Tourist signs help to safely guide road users to a specific attraction or facility along the most appropriate route.

Find out how to apply for a tourist sign on the Hampshire County Council website.