Parking permits

A number of parking permits are available for residents and workers in Havant Borough.

Please be advised, there might be parking restrictions at your property which will prevent us from approving your application.

Residents' permits

Residents' permits are available within selected roads. Please note that it in all cases, proof of residency and vehicle ownership is required.

Elm Park Road & Lymbourn Road, Havant

A maximum of two permits can be issued per household.

We also offer visitor scratch cards at a cost of £10 per book. 

Palmers Road, North Street & St James Road, Emsworth (Zone A) and Queen Street & King Street, Emsworth (Zone B)

A maximum of one permit can be issued per household but a permit can be issued with a maximum of two registration vehicles.

Permits are only valid in the zone for which they are issued.

Once you have completed the form, you can email it to our team at and someone will call you to take payment over the phone. Alternatively please post it to us at the Public Service Plaza, Civic Centre Road, Havant, PO9 2AX and enclose a cheque for payment.

Business permits

Permits are available to purchase on a 3 month, 6 month or annual basis to enable you to park within the town centre car parks.

The permit will display the vehicle registration, and up to two vehicle registrations may be displayed on one permit.

The permit will only be valid within the town centre specified on the permit.

Tradesman waiver

If you have a trader working on your property where there are restrictions in place, or you are a trader, you could apply for a tradesman waiver to allow them to park on the restriction for a fee.

The charges are:

  • One day: £10 (multiple days can be purchased)
  • One week: £50
  • One Month: £150

Please contact the Parking Office on 0300 555 0705 to establish if a waiver can be issued in the desired location.