Nutrient neutrality - what developers need to know

This section of the webpage contains all the information you should need for your application.

The Position Statement and Mitigation Plan for Nutrient Neutral Development sets out how development proposals should consider the issue. This sets out the mechanisms for development to achieve nutrient neutrality.

For development on sites currently used for agricultural purposes, measures should be taken to address the issue on site with the aim for the development to achieve nutrient neutrality. However, for development on non-agricultural sites, particularly brownfield sites, this is not possible.

The following process notes provide a step by step explanation for what applications need to do in order to address nutrient neutrality.

For fresh applications which need to address nutrient neutrality the council have created a helpful video taking you through the process of addressing nutrient neutrality for fresh applications.

Watch our helpful video to help developers with the process to nutrient neutrality.

As part of the information needed to determine relevant planning applications, a European Site avoidance and mitigation checklist and Nitrogen Budget Calculator will be required.

The Partnership for South Hampshire website includes Natural England's latest advice for achieving nutrient neutrality:

The relevant documents should be submitted to the council as part of the suite of planning application documents.

The council has also commissioned the following reports which have informed our approach to this issue:

Water Efficiency Calculator

For guidance on how to complete a water efficiency calculator and what should be included please refer to Appendix A (pages 36-44) of the ‘The Building Regulations 2010 – Sanitation, hot water safety and water efficiency’.