Wood you believe it – it’s going to be tree-mendous

Thursday, 3 November, 2022

Havant Borough Council has joined forces with children from Bosmere Junior School and a local talented chainsaw sculptor to create an incredible bench carving.

The idea of a bench sculpture grew when a large London Plane tree, situated in Havant Park, was uprooted by Storm Eunice in February this year.

Working with Hampshire County Council, who organised for tree surgeons to cut and remove the limbs of the tree, Havant Borough Council felt it was important to keep part of the tree in the park.

Children from Bosmere Junior School were invited to draw what they would like to see carved into the trunk, which will be made into a bench for all to enjoy. The winning designs were then chosen by the Mayor of Havant, Councillor Diana Patrick.

The four-metre trunk of the tree, which previously stood on the junction of Park Road North and Elm Lane for more than 110 years, has now been moved onto a special surface that allows for drainage to prevent the decomposition of the wood. The carving is programmed to take place later this month by chainsaw sculptor Chris Bains.

Havant Borough and Hampshire County Councillor Lulu Bowerman, who is also the Cabinet Lead for Environmental Services, said “We wanted to mark the celebration of the Queens Platinum jubilee, as well as commemorating the passing of Her Majesty.  A tree was planted earlier this year as part of the Queens Green Canopy and that will form part of the backdrop once this beautifully sculptured bench is completed.   

“We were saddened to lose the tree to the storm and felt that creating an interesting feature such as this would mean the tree remains in the park for years to come.   

The London Plane tree was believed to have been planted in 1910, by the Headteacher of Bosmere Junior School, Harry Beason, together with his ‘Bird and Tree gang’ made up of pupils from the school.