New strategy puts borough residents first

Improving the health of our communities, and the natural environment whilst building for the future are the priorities of Havant Borough Council.

During a meeting of Cabinet members held yesterday, the priority themes agreed on as part of the new Corporate Strategy are Well-being, Pride in Place, and Growth.

The new Corporate Strategy outlines the council's vision until 2026, setting out the council's priorities and how they will be delivered.  The strategy showcases how the council will work across the borough as one team with partners and other organisations, to benefit those who live, work and visit the borough.

Residents, partners, businesses, and community groups were asked for their comments on the draft strategy in November 2022, during three roadshow events across the borough held by the Leader of Havant Borough Council.

During the same period we also reviewed feedback on our Local Plan consultation and Youth survey which also took place at the same time.

The responses received highlighted residents concerns around protecting our natural environment, the impact of climate change, jobs, and access to opportunities within the borough.

Members of the Cabinet and Full Council considered all the feedback and reviewed the final draft as part of the consultation process. 

Councillor Alex Rennie, Leader of Havant Borough Council, said; "I'd like to thank everyone who took part in the consultation, both online and in person, for providing us with useful feedback which has helped to strengthen our new Corporate Strategy.  

"Through the three themes and key priorities within the new strategy we believe the comments we received broadly support the council’s vision, commitment and priorities in tackling residents concerns.

"This document sets out our course for the next four years and provides us with an overarching framework for council policy, business planning, and performance management.  

"We remain committed to providing local people with our strong leadership, sound financial management as well as ensuring that we transform how we work to sustain our high-quality core services and facilities."  

The updated Corporate Strategy will now go to a meeting of Full Council on 22 February 2023, with a recommendation from Cabinet to adopt. 

For more information and to view the full Corporate Strategy 2022-2026  click here.