Havant’s untapped potential supported by government as part of the Levelling Up agenda

Havant Borough Council is delighted to have been chosen to benefit from government investment, as one of 68 towns to receive expert advice and support on regeneration from the High Streets Task Force.

Launched in 2019, the High Streets Task Force will help identify the needs of Havant town centre, and then provide relevant consultancy from a selection of 150 independent experts to inform the future development of the high street, and to create capacity for change.

This welcome investment and support echoes recognised need as identified by Havant Borough Council’s regeneration strategy. The council’s commitment to new and innovative ways of securing the long term prosperity of the borough – such as being part of the Solent Freeport and the council’s award winning nutrient mitigation work – are now augmented with this welcome recognition by government of Havant Town Centre’s considerable potential. Havant’s regeneration programme will mirror the intent of the Levelling Up white paper launched this month and boost productivity, create opportunity and empower the community. The High Streets Task Force will provide continued support until mid-2024.

Councillor Alex Rennie - Leader of Havant Borough Council - said: “I’m delighted that the Government has selected Havant to receive this expert advice as part of its Levelling-Up announcements. This can be the springboard to turbocharge our exciting regeneration plans and proves that the Government is committed to Levelling-Up all regions of the UK.

“We look forward to welcoming the expert guidance from the Task Force to ensure our actions have the very best chance of success, benefitting residents and businesses alike.”

Find out more information about the High Streets Task Force.