Local requirements list

Local planning authorities are required to publish a list of their information requirements for applications which should be proportionate to the nature and scale of development proposals and reviewed every two years.

The Local Requirements List was approved and came into effect on 2 March 2020 following a consultation period held 8 July – 19 August 2019.

Draft Local List Consultation 19 August – 30 September 2020

Consultation for an amendment to the current Local List Requirements will run for six weeks from 19 August to 30 September.

If you wish to comment, please email planning.development@havant.gov.uk with the subject line 'Local List Consultation 2020'.

The amendment relates to the European Sites Avoidance and Mitigation Checklist requirement (only) and provides that:

‘A completed checklist and nutrient budget is required for all residential development and other schemes providing overnight accommodation as part of the information needed to determine relevant planning applications’.

Nutrient Neutral Development

Following the publication of the Council’s Position Statement and Mitigation Plan for Nutrient Neutral Development (18 August 2020), any development resulting in an increase in overnight accommodation will be required to provide a package of avoidance and mitigation measures. In order to determine the scale of the package of avoidance and mitigation measures required, the following information will be required:

Further information can be found in the Council’s Position Statement and Mitigation Plan, Natural England’s guidance on calculating a nutrient budget and a developer’s video guide can be found on the Nutrient Neutrality webpage.