Local requirements list

Local planning authorities are required to publish a list of their information requirements for applications which should be proportionate to the nature and scale of development proposals and reviewed every two years.

The Local Requirements List was approved and came into effect on Monday 12 October 2020.

New Consultation period: Draft Local List 20th September to 1st November 2022

The Local List Requirements list is now subject to review and revision prior to republishing. 

The consultation period is due to run for 6 weeks between 20th September and 1st November 2022.

Local Information Requirements – Consultation Version Sep 22 (403 kb)

To comment on the proposed changes, please email planning.development@havant.gov.uk.   All comments will be collated and analysed at the end of the consultation period. 

Key amendments

The list below highlights areas of change.

Flood Risk

Revised text to clarify and explain the requirement and includes updated considerations for climate change and future flood risk.  See accompanying text on Flood Risk at the bottom of this page and a link to the Flood Risk Information for Applicants.

Nutrient Neutrality and Recreational Disturbance Mitigation

Formerly known as EU Checklist, the revised text clarifies the requirement for new residential dwellings and overnight accommodation.

Minor amendments

Small amendments to existing requirements.

Emsworth Neighbourhood Plan

The Emsworth Neighbourhood Plan is now adopted and part of the development plan.  Relevant policies have been updated including Parking, Housing mix and the requirement for a Design Checklist to form part of a submitted Design and Access Statement for Emsworth applications (when a D&A is required nationally).


To clarify the requirement for Annexes.


To clarify the requirement for a parking plan for applications increasing bedroom numbers or losing existing parking space(s).


To clarify the requirement for all plans to show a scale bar and page size.

Flood Risk in Development

Managing flood risk in the Brough’s coastal areas, but also from rivers/streams and from surface water is a key issue both in planning for new development.

Applicants for planning permission will need to demonstrate how flood risk from all sources has been avoided, or where this is not possible, how it has been assessed and mitigated to ensure development is safe for its lifetime, without increasing flood risk elsewhere.

All applicants are encouraged to discuss their flood risk and drainage strategy and information needs at the earliest opportunity through pre-application discussions. In some cases, it is also advisable to seek pre-application advice from the Environment Agency, as well as the Local Planning Authority.

The note linked below is designed to signpost sources of information for applicants in Havant Borough.

Flood Risk Information for Applicants (pdf 120 kb)